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Is search really dead?

Unless you have been living in a dark cave for the past few years, you will have noticed the inexorable rise of Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Bebo and countless other social networking sites.  Social Networking has been The Next Big Thing for a long time now, and whilst Google et al have been holding on to our hearts and minds, they […]

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On the Benefits of Open Source

Given recent political events in the UK, it is not surprising to see that there are many groups organising a push for more open and transparent government.  There is a definite feeling that the people of the UK have a right to know what is happening in the corridors of power, not only in government, but also in the financial […]

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Twitter succumbs to Denial of Service attack – lessons to learn?

I’d noticed that Twitter was running slow yesterday only because by pure coincidence I had registered an account on the site the day before (for the purpose of tweeting about WhizzyDigital).  Having tried to log on at a few different junctures during the day, it became obvious that there was something seriously wrong.  Now the BBC reports that Twitter, Facebook and possibly Google (specifically Gmail and YouTube) were […]

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