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Pity The Poor Menfolk!

I heard that a new report by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) is bemoaning that there are literally swathes of men in the South West who have to – gasp! – take part-time work in order to have any job at all. This is being termed ‘under employment’. The report lightly smacks of misogyny. It points out that: …the number […]

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The Greek Tragedy

Casting an eye over events in Greece I’m grateful that the UK has avoided a similar fate. I don’t want to imply that UK and Greek circumstances are equivalent to each other, that the UK is or was ever close to defaulting on our sovereign debt, however, there are some parallels – and some differences […]

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Nothing lasts forever. Especially not peppers.

I knew I’d be posting about Israel intermittently. But little did I know it would be  in connection with two separate but not unrelated events taking place within the UK rather than the Middle East. First off, lets address the resignation yesterday of Baroness Jenny Tonge. Apparently, saying that Israel will not last forever “on […]

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