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Jacks of all trades

Back in the day I read an article about how, in the future, web professionals would be mini organisations themselves.  In effect, the skills pertaining to web design and development, and content creation would reside in a single individual and people who could demonstrate this wide range of skills should launch and manage their own […]

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Why have an intranet?

If you are thinking about building an Intranet it is critical to understand and communicate to others why you need one in the first place.  Intranet projects initiated without a clear set of goals and priorities are almost certainly headed towards failure from the start.  The success of an Intranet essentially stems from any cost […]

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Google keyword rant

I use Google Webmaster Tools to try and figure out how my site performs in terms of keywords. It just makes sense. If Google wants to tell you what 100 keywords it thinks you have, you should probably go and take a look. Recently though, I discovered something that made me stop and think about how […]

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Sharepoint Competition Comparison

Not long ago I mused on the possibilities of Open Source, and yes, I took a swipe at Microsoft, but I’m a great believer in the right tool for the job, and as such, if you want an out-of-the-box jack of all trades (intranet, enterprise content management and web content management), then without a doubt, I’m […]

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When one website is not enough

Many businesses have a main web site. A digital corporate presence into which Internet users can delve to retrieve all sorts of information about the company, the products or services that it offers, or its personnel and ethos.  Occasionally though, a single web site may not easily cater for the wide range of people who visit a corporate web […]

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