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babygroove… looks groovy

Saw ‘Babygroove‘ on the BBC News today. My wife and I love to dance with our daughter – who shows an interest in Ricky Martin, some house music and anything that sounds a bit jazzy – at home, and Babygroove looks like a great way for us to take that to the next stage. Basically, […]

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More than parents

It is funny to think of yourself as a dad. It can’t be that long ago I was being wrestled to the floor for a nappy change myelf, and now I’m responsible for a teeny human being. And although it is easy to have yourself consumed by care and love for your child, there is […]

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Get rid of the dummy!

No. This post has nothing to do with President Bush. We finally stopped letting baby have her dummy, and it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be. But then, we’d always been strict about not giving her the dummy during the day. She always knew that the dummy was for […]

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Can’t cope with being a father?

Since starting this blog, I’ve been monitoring the keywords people use to find it. Nothing too Big Brother mind, I’m not going to steal your identity, or come round to your house and murder you in your sleep, or, even worse, sell your details to a marketing company. Nothing of the sort. But, I’ve noticed […]

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