Get rid of the dummy!

No. This post has nothing to do with President Bush. We finally stopped letting baby have her dummy, and it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be. But then, we’d always been strict about not giving her the dummy during the day. She always knew that the dummy was for bedtimes only.

When baby was newborn, she refused to accept the dummy, but as she got a little older, she began to take it, and it calmed her down for sleep, so although we thought it might not be the best thing for her, we did it anyway as we wanted to sleep as well! It is possible to get babies to sleep without a dummy, just don’t give them one. But this takes more patience than we had.

So recently, we stopped giving her the dummy at bedtimes, and whilst she wasn’t altogether happy with it, she got over it within a few days, and there wasn’t any of the histrionics I thought there would be as her bedtime routine was still in place, and so was her musical teddy, so she coped well with it.

If you want to get your baby to sleep without a dummy, get a routine in place and stick to it and stop offering the baby her dummy. If your baby is more reliant on the dummy during the day, you will proably have more trouble than me, but I would liken dummy reliance to a crack addiction. Going Cold Turkey hurts, but it works.

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