More than parents

It is funny to think of yourself as a dad. It can’t be that long ago I was being wrestled to the floor for a nappy change myelf, and now I’m responsible for a teeny human being. And although it is easy to have yourself consumed by care and love for your child, there is someone you shouldn’t forget.


Holy crap. She bore your child for how many months? Couldn’t sleep on her back for half of that time. Had swollen ankles, went off certain food. And let us not talk of the emergency trips to the loo to talk on the great white telephone… This blog is partly about redressing the imbalance between mums and dads. Dads get a raw deal sometimes, and most of the advice out there is by mums for mums. Dads are second class citizens much of the time. But my God. Mad props to mums. They rock, don’t they?

But hang on there. Take a step back. Occasionally, you need to get out of the mindset of being ‘mum’ and ‘dad’. Don’t lose your identity to the little pink blob of flesh that likes to gurgle, eat, poop and pee. If you are a dad. make time for mum. Give her a break. Take care of the kid and let her go for a shop, or a night out with her friends. I’m sure the good things you do will come back to you. And whilst you are it it, don’t forget she whilst she is now a mum, she is also your partner and stills needs some of that hot ‘lovin you had whilst you were makin’ babies.

Mums and dads need to make sure to make time for each other. Try not to get so caught up in the daily baby routine that you lose sight of why you got together in the first place. I have no doubt that having a baby spells the end of a number of relationships, don’t let yours be one of them by concentrating all your efforts on your baby. Save a bit of love – and time – for yourself and your partner.

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