babygroove… looks groovy

Saw ‘Babygroove‘ on the BBC News today. My wife and I love to dance with our daughter – who shows an interest in Ricky Martin, some house music and anything that sounds a bit jazzy – at home, and Babygroove looks like a great way for us to take that to the next stage.

Basically, Babygroove enables you to go out with your kids and have a bit of a disco. Ideal if you are missing the ‘pre-baby’ life you had. It’s like Boogie Beebies but you don’t watch the TV for the moves, you go out and groove not only with your children, bit also with other parents… Seems like a good way to make new parent buddies, and if you are a single parent, an opportunity to meet other single parents. Ahem.

My only worry would be the volume of the music, but I doubt that they haven’t thought of that!

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