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On The Political Class

I read an Suzanne Moore article which trickled down my Twitter feed, it was the title that intrigued: I have not been poor for a long time. When you have been, you never forget The author seemed to be getting carried away with herself, making sweeping generalisations such as: “…a pointless debate ensues about “poverty” among a […]

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World War e

News of a cut of 20,000 in UK troops seems to have settled in with begrudging acceptance though there has been plenty of comment about it. Personally I think it’s a good move, I’d rather the money saved was spent on keeping the remaining army equipped with the right tools for the job, and more often […]

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Liberal Democrats – Contrarian Thought Leaders?

Well. It seems that there are more twists in the tale of the financial crisis than in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Euro-woes and the RBS IT meltdown have been knocked off the front pages by the latest gut-wrenching plot twist. Barclays Bank involvement in fixing the LIBOR rate, with the likelihood that other banks were also involved. […]

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