5 more great WordPress plugins

Not long ago, fresh from the joys of designing the new WhizzyDigital website using WordPress, I blogged about 5 great WordPress plugins. Well, I’ve discovered a few more in the past few weeks and thought I’d let you know about them. Here goes.

  1. Anti Captcha : In my first plugins post I spoke about SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam. Well, disable and delete that plugin because Anti Captcha does a great job of throwing comments into the spam folder but without forcing legitimate users to enter a captcha code.
  2. Google XML Sitemaps : Sitemaps are a way for website owners to inform search engines (not just Google!) about the content on the site. Simply put, sitemaps are XML files that list the contents of a website together with some additional data. Sitemaps don’t guarantee a higher ranking in search engines, but they should help search engines be more effective at crawling through your site which in turn should have a positive effect on your ranking.
  3. Subscribe To Comments : A neat little plugin that gives users the ability to receive e-mails when the comments on a particular blog post are updated.
  4. WP DB Manager : Does exactly what it says on the tin. Helps you to manage your WordPress database from within your WordPress blog all without the inconvenience of digging out long lost passwords and logging into MySQL separately. The two features you should regularly use are the backup and optimise functions. Though these features can apparently be scheduled (for instance you could optimise and backup your database each week), I’ve yet to get these features to work automatically, but I’m happy with the easy manual process anyway.
  5. cforms : Build sophisticated forms for your WordPress website with this simple plugin.

Well, that’s your lot. I’ll continue to be on the lookout for great plugins. In the meantime, if you want to recommend any, drop a comment below.

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