How to use social media to build website traffic & sales

How to use social media to build traffic & salesThey say a picture speaks a thousand words, well here’s one I thought about a few days ago.

I suppose this should really be some sort of virtuous circle kind of diagram as social media can be a virtuous (or vicious) circle, but the top-to-bottom approach starting with inputs and ending with the outputs appealed more to the geek in me.

Only after you have built trust and authority in yourself, your business and your products can you begin to reap the dividends of greater popularity which will convert into greater interest in you and traffic to your website which should in turn lead to you selling more of whatever it is you want to sell.

As with most things in life, you only get out of social media what you put into it, so don’t expect sales to ramp through the roof just because you opened that Twitter account.

It is important to use social media not just as a platform to broadcast your messages but also as a tool from which to learn from your customers and gain knowledge on your particular industry.

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