Why 4G is just one element of superfast business

As 4G access gradually becomes the norm across the UK and the world, mobile data users will come to expect not just faster access to data, but also a better experience from the apps they are using.  The transition from delivering data down an aging telephony infrastructure to superfast fibre optic cable enabled a whole host of unexpected and new services. With the advent of 4G, users are primed and ready for enhanced mobile-based experiences.

On the consumer side of 4G the potential for streaming video is obvious, but that’s not the limit of 4G possibilities. Mobile gaming will offer huge opportunities for creativity once data transmission speed and maintaining reliable network connections become less of an issue. Augmented reality (AR) applications should also enjoy growth as real-time data becomes faster to acquire and display.

But it’s not all just about consumers. Enterprises stand to benefit from 4G if they can meet customers’ needs and – almost literally – do business at the speed of thought.

Faster data transmission – supported by agile business processes – could mean the difference between closing a sale and losing the lead. That’s why organisations like SugarCRM are really concentrating upon making their software available across mobile platforms. If you want to discreetly update contact information and make notes on a VIP just after you spoke to them at an event, mobile is the only way to do that at speed in real time.

Beyond CRM use, dedicated applications and faster connections are combining to enable innovative and sophisticated solutions. From complicated financial transactions, to delivering custom course materials to students, to paperless electronic systems, there has never been a greater for greater speed, or greater thought about how to use that speed.

Speed, security and connection stability are not the concerns they used to be for mobile applications. At Icreon UK our clients – and their customers – are beginning to expect a new generation of mobile optimised applications that deliver a fast and fluid experience not so unlike what they get when tethered to a desktop PC .

4G is a confident step forward, and there is no doubt that it will enhance our mobile experiences. For business to capitalise on this infrastructure upgrade they must avoid being caught up in the hype and concentrate on building or using applications that deliver real benefits beyond being able to download Word documents and PowerPoint presentations faster.

This article was first published on the Internet World blog

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