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Nothing lasts forever. Especially not peppers.

I knew I’d be posting about Israel intermittently. But little did I know it would be  in connection with two separate but not unrelated events taking place within the UK rather than the Middle East. First off, lets address the resignation yesterday of Baroness Jenny Tonge. Apparently, saying that Israel will not last forever “on […]

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Double Dip? Double take more like!

Yesterday’s figures from the Office of National Statistics show that the economy shrank by 0.2% in the first quarter of 2012. Officially a double dip recession, then. It was predictable that Labour would seize on these figures to explain how awful the Coalition Government is and how wrongly they are handling the economy. But, whoa there […]

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Who are these ‘Special Advisors’ anyway?

So, Adam Smith, Jeremy Hunt’s ‘Special Advisor’ (or ‘SPAD’ as they are known in Westminster) has fallen on his sword following allegations of impropriety against his former boss in the way he handled the takeover bid by News Corporation of BSkyB. The evidence obtained by the ongoing Leveson enquiry shows a huge amount of e-mail traffic between Adam Smith […]

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Plenty of my Liberal Democrat colleagues – Gareth Epps, Daisy Benson, Prue Bray, for instance, – have come out against the NHS Bill. In fact, Prue sums up my own feelings quite succinctly: At this point few people in the wider world understand what is actually in the bill, and virtually nobody trusts it. And it has lost […]

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Leicester City iPad Councillors

Much is made of the iPad as a consumer device but there is no reason why public services should not also benefit from iPad technology. The BBC report below confirms earlier blogosphere assertions that the iPad decreases physical barriers and improves communication between people who are using it, if Leicester City Council can demonstrate a […]

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Jacks of all trades

Back in the day I read an article about how, in the future, web professionals would be mini organisations themselves.  In effect, the skills pertaining to web design and development, and content creation would reside in a single individual and people who could demonstrate this wide range of skills should launch and manage their own […]

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On the Benefits of Open Source

Given recent political events in the UK, it is not surprising to see that there are many groups organising a push for more open and transparent government.  There is a definite feeling that the people of the UK have a right to know what is happening in the corridors of power, not only in government, but also in the financial […]

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