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An Englishman in India

I was recently lucky enough to be sent to India by my employer, and whilst it was definitely work, it was also an experience. What follows is a bit of a stream of consciousness so apologies if I jump from topic to topic, but hey, that’s all part of the Indian experience. Having been to […]

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How being Muslim is as bad as being a Prince fan

One of the Christmas gifts I was given was a book about Prince, who I’ve been a fan of since hearing Kiss. The book is a great read if you are a fan, though the level of obsession author Matt Thorne displays feels both laudable and slightly worryingly creepy in equal measure. Reading the book I […]

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Father’s Day

Today was a good day. I was served a scone and toast with jam, together with a fruit salad an orange juice and a lovely cup of coffee for breakfast by my long-suffering wife and daughter. A pretty good start to the day. Then we set about building a sideboard – which we’ve been threatening […]

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Prometheus. What Would Einstein Do?

Well. Prometheus seems to be something akin to a well-known yeast-based product. You either love it or you hate it. Me? I love it. I only saw the 2D version, but will likely make an effort to see the 3D version soon. I saw Prometheus with some friends who hated it, and who have now taken to […]

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Pity The Poor Menfolk!

I heard that a new report by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) is bemoaning that there are literally swathes of men in the South West who have to – gasp! – take part-time work in order to have any job at all. This is being termed ‘under employment’. The report lightly smacks of misogyny. It points out that: …the number […]

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Nothing lasts forever. Especially not peppers.

I knew I’d be posting about Israel intermittently. But little did I know it would be  in connection with two separate but not unrelated events taking place within the UK rather than the Middle East. First off, lets address the resignation yesterday of Baroness Jenny Tonge. Apparently, saying that Israel will not last forever “on […]

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Mother’s Days

It was Mother’s Day last Sunday, in case you didn’t notice, and I was going to write a blog about mothers then, but didn’t find the time. But recently I’ve confirmed a few insights which I’d like to explore here. Where to begin? I suppose I should lay my cards on the table and tell […]

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Ramadan – A month of reflection

I’ve been fasting during Ramadan for roughly 5 years. Each year is a different experience and brings different discomforts and rewards. Of course, the aim of Ramadan is not to starve yourself, but rather to focus on one’s own self-discipline. Whilst fasting Muslims must sacrifice more than just food, and often I find myself making […]

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Jacks of all trades

Back in the day I read an article about how, in the future, web professionals would be mini organisations themselves.  In effect, the skills pertaining to web design and development, and content creation would reside in a single individual and people who could demonstrate this wide range of skills should launch and manage their own […]

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Projectile Vomit

I’ve not posted for a while, for a variety of reasons, a new pet project is taking up a lot of my time, and work also is beginning to encroach upon blogging No. 1 daughter was off colour for a few days last month. We made the mistake of thinking that she was in a […]

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