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How about a parent premium?

Following the results of a Department for Education study, I’ve no doubt that somewhere in UKIP central someone is formulating the right quotes to whip up fury over the under-achievement of working-class white kids as compared to their ethnic minority peers. It’s classic UKIP fodder isn’t it? Perhaps they will try to lay the blame […]

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Mapledurham Playing Fields – a follow up post

Whoa. I honestly didn’t expect some of the feedback I got on my previous post regarding siting The Heights Primary at Mapledurham Playing Fields (MPF). There was a lot to take in very quickly. But I’d like to tackle a few of the criticisms that have been made of that post, and also point out a few things that […]

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Our community deserves better than this

The controversy surrounding The Heights Primary serves to highlight deficits in democratic processes that people not just within Reading, but I suspect UK-wide are struggling with. In Mapledurham in particular, it seems like there has been a perfect storm of obstacles that have stopped the development of a new school. For starters, Mapledurham is the […]

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